Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment.

Cresa - Centre for Research Evaluation and Social Assessment

CRESA has been undertaking social research and evaluation for over a decade and a half. Our research focuses on encouraging community development and sustainable communities.


Welcome to our new look website. Two of our current key projects are described on this page and in the following pages you can find links to a selection of our recent work.


Over time we will be uploading older projects/publications so do check back or feel free to contact us if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

Community Resilience and Good Ageing: Doing Better in Bad Times

Funded by the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) this two-year research programme is about improving responses for older people and their communities when they are confronted with adverse natural events such as flooding, storms, snow, landslips, bushfire, earthquake, or extreme weather. It identifies how older people's dwellings and domestic living conditions can be made more resilient and how Ageing in Place and Positive Ageing can be integrated into crisis preparation,...

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Ageing in Place: Empowering housing decisions as we age

We all want to have a positive experience of ageing, to be valued and to live our lives in the places to which we are attached. Too often ageing leads to being displaced, moving from our homes and communities. Funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI), this research explores how older people’s houses can be better maintained so people have more choices about their housing as they get older. To get more information on this project go to the research project website

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Feature profile

Kay Saville-Smith.

Kay Saville-Smith

Research Director

A sociologist, Kay has built up twenty years of solid expertise in community and social policy research. Her research areas include applied social research and evaluation in housing, public policy and community development. Kay established CRESA in 1994 along with co-director Julie Warren who...

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